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Twenty Year Limited Surface Warranty:

From the date of purchase, the manufacturer warrants to the original purchaser only, that under normal domestic conditions of use the surface will not wear through, during this period warranted.

With proper maintenance, the goods will perform under normal household conditions. Scratches, dents, reduction of gloss (appearance reduction), damage caused by negligence, urine, animals or high heeled shoes are not considered a defect and therefore not covered by this warranty.

All furniture requires felt to be adhered underneath to protect the surface of your floor. From time to time this will need to be maintained and checked for wear.

A written notice must be received by the supplier within 30 days of discovery of any defect to be found, along with proof of purchase (date) the identity of wholesaler or retailer and the location of installation.

The supplier will acknowledge within 30 days the receipt of written notice and must be given the opportunity to inspect the floor prior to any repair or replacement is to take place.


Warranty Exclusions:

Perfect Oak Floors, for the purpose of this warranty, will be referred to as ‘the supplier’.

Break of Warranty Conditions – any breach of warranty conditions will void the warranty.

Colour Variation – timber is a natural product and colour variation will occur between samples and what the supplier has delivered and installed.

Samples displayed or provided are indicative only and within normal industry standards, and no warranty is given that such samples will match the floor installed. Other variations will naturally occur such as knots, grain variation, gum marks and mineral marks. These variations normally present in timber, are
not considered defects and will not form the basis of any claim under warranty.

Timber may also experience some surface checking (hairline cracks). This is considered part of all natural products and is not covered by warranty.
Oak is an excellent product for sub-floors or slab heating due to its great stability. Please refer to manufactures guide lines to install over heated slabs.

Extreme Conditions – as timber is a natural product, the humidity level in the home must be in the 40% – 65% range throughout the year, using dehumidifiers
or humidifiers as appropriate,

Misuse – the warranty does not extend to damage caused by moisture penetration through the sub-floor, other flooding, leaking, plumbing, overflowing, hydrostatic pressure or any other water damage.

Alterations – where floor or sub-flooring has been altered, repaired, resurfaced or replaced, no warranty will apply except to the extent implied by law.

Insect Infestation – the supplier warrants that it sells timber flooring free of insect infestation. This warranty does not cover any insect infestation occurring after the product has been sold.

This Warranty is conditional on:
  • Installation – is installed in strict accordance with current written installation instructions.
  • Wet Area – is not suitable for installation in bathrooms, saunas, laundries or any other area in which high levels of steam and moisture are present.
  • Maintenance – Care guidelines must be adhered to.
  • Non-Assignment – the warranty is limited to the original purchaser and may not be assigned or transferred.

Lifetime Structural Warranty:

The manufacturer warrants its product from structural defects, de-lamination, cracking, warping, twisting or any other forms of structural deformation at the
time of supply.

Installation instructions must be adhered to so that this warranty applies. Please ask your retailer for these guidelines.

Exposure to excessive moisture caused in any way whatsoever, such as flooding, spills, leaks, excessive mopping, steam mops, sub-floor moisture or heating may cause distortion within the board and will not be covered by this warranty.

Care should be taken to maintain even indoor humidity and temperature with good ventilation. Excessive heat, dryness or exposure to direct sunlight will cause damage to the goods and is considered negligence and is not covered by this warranty.

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